USER AGREEMENT, DISCLAIMER AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY™ is a Web-based application allowing registered users (USERS) to view, print and store copies of immunization records for which access has been approved by a participating health care provider.™ also provides educational information and links to personal and public health information.™ is owned and operated by Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC) and sponsored by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS). Participating Alaska health care providers (PROVIDERS) authenticate USER requests for™ accounts and approve access through™ to copies of immunization records for which they validate that the requesting USER is entitled.

By registering for a™ account, you, the USER, accept and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You, the USER, release STC, DHSS, and all PROVIDERS who report immunization information to DHSS from any and all liability for the accuracy of the information you receive through™ and any actions based on the information received that may be taken by you, the USER. Actions include, but are not limited to, seeking and receiving vaccinations based on the information provided to you through your use of™. Personal health care decisions, including the receipt of vaccinations, should always be discussed with your health care provider.
  2. You, the USER agree to hold harmless all of the above named parties in conjunction with any failure to receive the immunization information that is being requested, any delays in its receipt, and any deviation of the contents of the information received from the immunization records associated in™ from that contained in records of any PROVIDER or the Immunization Information System (VacTrAK) of DHSS.
  3. You, the USER, agree that you are lawfully entitled to receive and be in custody of the immunization records of the person or persons for which you are requesting access to through™, and that falsely asserting otherwise constitutes fraud and may be punishable under applicable law.
  4. You, the USER, agree that being granted an account through™ and receiving access to copies of requested immunization records is the sole purview of STC, DHSS, and participating PROVIDERS. Your™ account, and access to copies of records through your™ account, is revocable without prior notice at any time by STC, DHSS, or a participating PROVIDER.
  5. You, the USER, agree to provide complete and truthful information to register as a™ USER and that the information provided will be true, accurate and complete for you and any person for which you are legally entitled to receive immunization records through™.
  6. You, the USER, agree to allow, for yourself and any person(s) which your PROVIDER approves your access to immunization records,™ to store such information as may be necessary to register yourself and any person authorized by your PROVIDER, and information necessary to provide you with services and notifications through™.
  7. You, the USER, agree to waive any claim of liability against STC, DHSS, and participating PROVIDERS regarding the provision of information related to immunization records as may be provided to the USER through™, for any cause, at any time.
  8. You, the USER, agree that you will be solely responsible for safeguarding your™ account login-in information (Username and password), and any and all immunization information received from™, and that you will not provide your™ account log-in information to another party. You, the USER, agree to hold harmless STC, DHSS, and participating PROVIDERS in the event that your™ account log-in information or the contents of the immunization records provided to you through™ becomes compromised or disclosed to unintended parties due to a failure by you to adhere to the provisions of this AGREEMENT.
  9. You, the USER, agree to receive unsolicited notifications from STC, DHSS, and participating PROVIDERS as may be necessary to communicate regarding your™ account, your use of™, access to immunization records through™, additional services and information provided through™, and operational matters related to™.
  10. STC, DHSS, and participating PROVIDERS make no claims, warrants, assurances, guarantees, or representations concerning the use, performance, accuracy, and availability of™ or any third-party or other software application or computer system that the USER may utilize for the purpose of receiving or managing the immunization information provided to the USER through™.
  11.™ uses data encryption technology to safeguard the security and confidentiality of USER data. Your USER account credentials (login and password) are unique to you, and no other party has access to these credentials.™ limits the amount of personal data stored to the minimum necessary for PROVIDERS to authenticate and approve your registration request, and for™ to correctly deliver to you those records for which you have had access approved.™ runs on an environment that meets or exceeds HIPAA standards for the protection of personal health-related information.
  12. You, the USER, agree that if any part of this USER AGREEMENT, DISCLAIMER AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY found to be null and void, all remaining parts of this USER AGREEMENT, DISCLAIMER AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY remain in force.

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